Recommendations for Karin Jeske, Owner, StyleData


Daniel Cotlar
Karin worked directly for Daniel in his role as
CMO,, a division of The Home Depot
Karin is a one-in-a-million merchandising executive. She drives the strategy, has a deep and solid grasp of the fundamental 'math' of this role, and is perfectly comfortable getting intricately into the detail needed to succeed (even if that means a week of poring through disparate data sources to formulate the story). Over the 5 years I was fortunate to work with her, she drove the creation of a highly successful private label line, raised our margins considerably, and helped form the Home Depot's product line. But most important to me is that I can completely rely on her and trust her - given her insistence on communicating factually and speaking up where needed about what's going well or poorly, whether it's formally within her responsibility or not. She's a tremendous asset to our company!

Kevin Rabbitt
Karin worked directly for directly to Kevin in his role as CEO of 3 Day Blinds
Karin and I worked together at 3 Day Blinds, and I can say without hesitation that Karin is a world-class merchandising professional. She has a rare blend of high quality analytic skills AND a creative fashion sense needed for the job. She is results oriented, hardworking, and passionate about winning. During our time together, Karin completely refreshed the 3 Day product line, redesigning existing products and introducing new products. She was and remains a large driver of the rapid growth being enjoyed by 3 Day.

Jeff Miller
Karin was a colleague to Jeff in his role as Senior VP, Customer Care at 3 Day Blinds
Having worked with Karin at 3 Day Blinds for the past 2 years, she elevated the product line to new levels which enabled 3 Day to increase market share and sales.  I always was impressed with her experience, knowledge of and passion for window treatment design. She is a highly dedicated and resourceful executive who would enhance any organization's senior management staff.

Greg Bibas
Karin was a colleague to Greg in his role as CMO at 3 Day Blinds
Karin is a smart, passionate, professional and personable executive. She is a merchandiser who is ROI and metrics focused while balancing the sensibilities of design aesthetics with hard business metrics. She is a rare bird, and it has been my distinct pleasure to work with her over the past 18 months.

Scott Pickard
Karin was a colleague to Scott in his role as VP, Sales at 3 Day Blinds
Karin is an incredibly gifted person. Her business performance is remarkable; her professional acumen of window treatment products is one of the best in the industry. She has a great depth of understanding of the business analytics in her decision making process. Some of her strongest qualities are her hard working spirit, enthusiastic personality as well as the ability to lead her team to be successful. She brought new product to the sales teams that were the highest quality a sales leader could imagine possible.

Frank Gutierrez
Karin was a colleague to Frank in his role as Senior VP, Manufacturing at 3 Day Blinds
I had the opportunity to work with Karin for a few years while she was at 3 Day Blinds, during that period she demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the industry as well as exhibiting an unique ability to select products that became winners, I can say that Karin transformed our merchandising department. She has razor sharp analytical skills. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a professional in her field.

Phil Mettra
Karin was a colleague to Phil in his role as VP, Marketing at 3 Day Blinds
Karin is one of the smartest people I know. Her year's of experience in merchandising and product development have been a fantastic benefit for all of us at 3 Day Blinds. She is a team player and a joy to work with. I would recommend her for any position. She is awesome.

Mark Lovas
Karin was a colleague to Mark his role as VP, Sales at 3 Day Blinds
Karin brings such a high level of competence, speed of communication & action, and general business insight, that I found her an invaluable partner in driving revenues and building product confidence in the field.

Michael Burgess
worked directly for Michael in his role as General Manager, Internet Business at Teleflora
Karin is incredibly strong at analyzing an assortment and combining the data with evolving market and fashion trends to improve the product offering. She is smart, passionate, rigorous and very good to work with. I enjoyed and learned a great deal from working with Karin.

Jennifer Stein
Karin worked directly for Jennifer in her role as Senior VP, Marketing at Teleflora
Karin is a detail-oriented executive who was a sheer joy to work with. I vividly remember the day she came into my office to tell me about her new position and I was DEVASTATED!! She is a huge asset to any company she works for or with and I can only say wonderful things about her..She is a great team player and I genuinely miss working so close with her on a daily basis!!

Bev-Sue Powers
Karin was a colleague to Bev-Sue in her role as Senior Project Manager at Teleflora
Karin repeatedly was given challenging assignments broader than her official role.  Every time she went above and beyond, with a great attitude, diligence, and professionalism.  Karin also brought a spirit of laughter and sense of play to the table, which made it very fun to work with her!  I'd be delighted if our paths crossed again.

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