Online Merchandising

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MERCHANDISING and marketing CONSULTING TO Optimize Your Online product experience

Having a great product assortment is just the beginning!  Getting your customer to your site and through check out is both a science and an art.

Creating the perfect product experience online involves the following:

  • Mapping the customer journey to their ideal product regardless of how they entered and interact with your site through optimized navigation, landing pages, guided selling, images, words and site search
  • Explaining the product through photos, videos, visualization and words to ensure that the customer understands what they are purchasing.
  • For complex configurable products, a great deal of work needs to be done on the back-end to ensure an easy and simplified experience for the visitor.
  • All technical information available.
  • Ease of product duplication and modification.
  • An easy and clear cart and check-out process.

Karin Jeske has worked in the online retail merchandising environment since 1999, for a variety of very successful and ground breaking retailers.  

We LOVE online merchandising.  Whether you need a complete makeover, or temporary help with maintenance, we are here to help.  Please contact us at 951-781-3000 or to discuss your merchandising goals and needs with us.