Home Textiles


Karin Jeske spent 2 years as Marketing and Product Development Director for Cecil Saydah Company, a supplier of home textiles to retailers such as Target, Walmart and Costco, specializing in kitchen, tabletop, bath and beach textiles, towels, and accessories, producing both domestically in Los Angeles, and sourcing from Asia.  She has also been engaged as a consultant to develop trend direction and design for bedding, rugs, carpeting and dinnerware.

In Home Textiles, the design is what sells the product.  Karin has deep knowledge of current trends in color, design and technology, and has great intuition for how that will translate into products that customers will want to buy.

Karin's winning Home Textiles collections are tailored to the product category and include her own designs, and often those of artists within her broad network that have specific aesthetic skills.  Where there is a good fit between a product and an existing licence, we negotiate a contract that is designed to maximize value to the product supplier.

We LOVE designing home textile collections!   Whether you need a complete makeover, or help with a specific project, we are here to help.  Please contact us at 951-781-3000 or kjeske@style-data.com to discuss your merchandising goals and needs with us.