Fabric & Materials

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Karin Jeske first applied her passion for design to fabrics and materials with her decision to major in Textile Design as an undergraduate at The Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science.

Textiles have been a "common thread" in her career, starting in the garment center in New York, and later to the window coverings and home fashions industries.

Karin knows that once a customer has fallen in love with a fabric, there is no turning back!  She has deep knowledge of current trends in fabric design and technology, and has great intuition for how that will translate into products that customers will want to buy.  

Karin's winning fabric collections are tailored to the product category and include her own designs, and often those of artists that have specific aesthetic skills.  In her own studio, she uses a proprietary combination of software tools, in addition to hand techniques that include painting, drawing, printing and scanning.  Once a design is finalized, additional colorways are designed.

Where there is a good fit between a product and an existing licence, we negotiate a contract that is designed to maximize value to the product supplier.

We love designingand curating fabric collections!   Whether you need a complete makeover, or help with a specific project, we are here to help.  Please contact us at 951-781-3000 or kjeske@style-data.com to discuss your merchandising goals and needs with us.