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Writing Redefined by the iPad and Wired Magazine

On a recent trip to Asia, I stopped in at the airport magazine stand to pick up the latest edition of Wired Magazine, but there were none in stock.  Later in the airport lounge, it occurred to me that there probably was an “app for that!”  In short order, and for about half the price of the paper edition, I was downloading the latest issue to my iPad.

Wow!  This was a wildly superior way to navigate through the content – and to see the way the editorial and creative groups,  as well as advertisers utilized the capability to insert animation, interactive content, outbound links and video; and let the articles and graphics extend “beyond the box” – literally.  Plus, with the gorgeous display, the artwork, which have always been outstanding, literally came to life, and everything was fabulously formatted when viewed in both portrait and landscape. This team is clearly approaching editorial development with all of these tools in mind, and they're letting individual readers create their own experiences.

As more and more consumers grab their iPad to go shopping, it is exciting to think about incorporating these ideas in the online purchasing process, to truly allow the consumer to create a personal experience and shop the way they want to.  Check out the article on Tumi Tegri Lite Suitcases in the video above - it's better than what you will find if you click through to the Tumi website!

This also made me reflect on the creative destruction that has happened in the tools used for personal writing and editing in my lifetime:  Typewriters allowed us to formalize our documents. Layers of carbon paper carefully placed between sheets of paper allowed us to create additional copies, then duplicating and Xerox machines made production of multiples easier.  Wite-Out allowed us to correct our mistakes and the IBM Selectric Typewriter automated this.  Word processors let us begin writing with the intent to edit from the outset, and spell-checkPersonal computers and new software like WordPerfect and then Word allowed us to format our writing in countless ways, incorporate illustrations and photos, and "undo". Email and the Internet let us broadcast to the world instantly, and now the iPad and other tablets and mobile devices allow us to interact with our readers with easy, beautiful interfaces.

Writing is redefined - again!

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