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Selecting the Perfect Signature Surface Pattern for a Product

New signature pattern from Tumi, available in a range of products.I went to the Tumi store today, expecting to buy another black accessory - an everyday handbag; something that will go with everything. When I walked in, a striking new pattern, that had been brought to life in a variety of products, caught my eye.  

This was the one and only pattern offered in their store, among a sea of solid black products.  

After brief consideration, I chose a handbag made in this new fabric design. It was the perfect finishing touch to the outfit I was wearing, and I felt it would be a nice complement to my wardrobe overall.

This made me think about how the decision to choose this as the signature pattern was made by the Tumi design team.

Sometimes, as merchants, data give us the clear answer to a question about how to evolve a product line.  This is almost never the case with a subjective decision about aesthetics, particularly in an environment where you are betting the farm on one design.

In these cases, all we have is our intuition.  Yes, there may have been some market research, but my guess is that one person with confidence and a strong voice put their reputation on the line and said "this is the right direction for our brand."

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