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Branding on the High Seas

The Dole Container Vessel entering San Diego Harbor. Photo by Gordon Ednie

The Dole container vessel from Honduras graced the San Diego Harbor for the last few days and nights. As a long time resident of Long Beach, I've seen many container ships come and go, and I enjoy the colorful presentation they make, sometimes random, sometimes more ordered, usually bearing the name of the logistics company, not the brand of the contents;  click here to see a recent blog posting from a tour I took of the harbor there.  

This vessel, reminiscent of a banana, was a first for me.  An entire ship dedicated to one brand with the logo stamped on the side, as well as on each of the identical and neatly stacked 40' containers!  

As I watched other passersby marvel, it made me wonder if all of those containers really exclusively carried Dole products?  If so, does that make logistics more difficult?  I tried to guess what percentage of the US demand this ship carried, and for what time period?  When the ship leaves, what, if anything, does it carry back to Honduras?

Unloading and loading was a 2 day process.  Last night they were loading containers as we walked by at 11 pm.  This morning it was gone.

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