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A Merchandising Blog?

Blogging was a major theme at Internet Retailer 2007 Conference.  It was a promoted as a way to "engage" with your audience, to improve search engine rankings, and to speak in a more casual voice.  I was consulting for Teleflora at the time, and we quickly hired a talented writer and launched Flower Blog. This was one of dozens of strategies that we initiated to come up on page 1 in a Google search for the key term "flowers".

I fell in love with the medium.  Unlike a book or article, a blog is never "finished", and it would not need to have the formal perfection of a press release. Off the clock, I started 2 personal blogs almost immediately:

California Blog
Mount Shasta in Northern CaliforniaI have always loved getting in my car with my camera and seeing something new, and I feel particularly lucky to live in such a diverse state. I have taken road trips all over California, and I don't just mean driving the coastline between San Francisco and Los Angeles; I have been to every corner and have driven many of the off-the-beaten path highways in between.   Have you ever been to Lava Beds National Monument in northeast California, the Ancient Bristlecone Forest, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calexico or Shelter Cove? Until starting the blog, my photos sat on my hard drive, and occasionally I would email a few to friends and family. Now, California Blog gets over 28,000 visitors a month and the numbers keep growing.  I love looking at the statistics on Google Analytics and those that come with Squarespace, the user-friendly content management system I use. For example, I found Wind Wolves Preserve as a result of a visitor typing it in my site search box and getting no results...  I went there, added a posting and remedied that situation! This month, the most popular posting is Sunken City, San Pedro.

Textile Blog 
Fabric Canopy Roof, Denver AirportAnother passion of mine is textiles.  I started weaving at the age of 5, and went on to study textile design at The Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University).  Note that when I chose my major back in 1980, I was not anticipating that over the next 20 years most of the textile industry would go offshore! In 1997, I launched TextileSource, an online directory of textile companies, and wanted to build SEO with the blog, however, Textile-Blog took on a life of it's own. I love the design, technology and innovation associated with textiles, and also the many end uses. What better way to give a little PR to people and companies creating wonderful fabrics that have great aesthetics, new functionality or benefit mankind in some way? This month, we had 19,000 visitors, and Phyllis Borger's Under the Sea batik was #1!

3 Day Blinds Blog
Customer photo of motorized roller shades featured on 3 Day Blinds Blog.At 3 Day Blinds, we could all agree on one thing when it came to this subject... "we should have a blog." In October 2010, rather than sit through another meeting on the topic, I decided to just make it happen. It started quietly, but soon became a centerpiece of company culture.  I went about featuring people, products, events and customer reviews, with plenty of outbound links to our company website. All postings through today were written by me. Going forward, the capable marketing team will be stepping up and taking over!

StyleData Blog
What will this Blog be about?  Here's what I am planning:  to feature products and experiences that I think inspire good ideas for merchandising professionals. We'll see what actually evolves!  Stay tuned!

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