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Cleanliness, Camaraderie, Community and a Great Commercial

Alex, Shujie, Keh-shin, Jill, Analisa, Ashley, Dan and Karin participate in Keep Riverside Beautiful on behalf of the University of California, Riverside Statistics Department.There are a lot of great ways to get the word out about your organization or company.

One way is to give back to the community in which you operate.  The Statistics Department at the University of California, Riverside demonstrates how this can be done in a way where the city benefits, the participants have fun, and the department is recognized and promoted.

This evening, eight of us met at 5 pm and spent a couple of hours cleaning up our adopted street.

"We adopted a one mile segment of Magnolia Avenue through the Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful Adopt a Street program. This is a gorgeous stretch of road that is well-traveled, and includes a diverse group of classic homes, our community college, a middle AND elementary school, a hospital, a church and many local businesses," says Jill Smith, a lecturer who teaches undergraduate statistics classes, and coordinates these clean-up outings 6 times per year, with participation from faculty, staff and students.  "We love to get out in the fresh air as a team and keep this small part of our beautiful city clean."

This is the stretch of Magnolia Avenue adopted by the UC Riverside Statistics Department. Please make our job easier and by depositing your trash in an appropriate receptacle.In return for the Statistics Department's efforts, the City of Riverside has posted a sign on each end of the area they clean acknowledging them, and this has helped to build awareness of their program.