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Leaving 3 Day Blinds

Today was my last day as SVP, Merchandising at 3 Day Blinds.  I could not have asked for a nicer goodbye, but it is always a little scary and certainly bittersweet to walk out of a workplace for the last time with just a few personal mementos.

My 4+ years at 3 Day Blinds was a wonderful experience for me.  I joined in May 2008, just as industry sales of window treatments started a free-fall that resulted in a 50% reduction in sales for everyone that sold these products.  Luckily, our great team and sterling 30 year reputation sustained us.  Unfortunately, many great suppliers and retailers did not survive.

After much analysis, we changed our business model from primarily store-front to primarily shop-at-home. We became the go-to company for stress-free purchasing of custom window treatments, with 200 Design Consultants providing free in-home consultations, guaranteed measurements and advice on which of our over 1000 custom-made blinds and shade styles would work best for each client.  Then they would arrange for professional installation that could be usually happen in just 3 Days.

Thanks to the introduction of new products, employment of more sophisticated marketing tactics, expansion of the sales force and refinement of the customer experience the company is now flourishing.

While it is hard to leave when we are on this fantastic growth trajectory, I also feel that I have largely accomplished what I came to do, which was to re-make their product line.

I am leaving the 3 Day Blinds merchandising department in the capable hands of Jenni Su (who was the best team member I could imagine).

I would like to thank everyone at 3 Day Blinds for your friendship and for all I learned from you.

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